Disponemos de dos campos de fútbol 11 de césped natural que cumplen con las últimas especificaciones de la FIFA respecto a las características de los terrenos de juego destinados a albergar partidos de competiciones internacionales.

  • Dimensions: 105m X 68m
  • FIFA approved goals: 2,44m X 7,32m

To adapt to the different needs of the teams that visit us, each of the ground yards can be transformed into two official fields of seven-a-side-soccer with their respective goals.

Our team of gardening professionals keeps the pitch lawn in perfect conditions to achieve a perfectly smooth surface that combines firmness and softness. In this way, an optimal ball slip and bounce are guaranteed, as well as minimizing the risk of injuries to athletes.


En Soccer’s Masía La Grava contamos con un campo de césped artificial destinado a la práctica de fútbol 8. Sus medidas, composición y especificaciones técnicas cumplen la reglamentación del Consejo Superior de Deportes y de la Real Federación Española de Fútbol para competiciones oficiales.

  • Dimensions: 30m X 60m
  • RFEF approved goals: 2m X 6m

The pitch is composed of Prestige artificial turf. An advanced synthetic grass specially designed for professional soccer ballasted with silica and ecological rubber sand. This material offers a footing sensation similar to that of natural grass, as well as excellent ball behavior and minimal abrasion on the skin in case of falls.


All our fields are located outdoors, in an exceptional natural environment in the town of El Puig, where we enjoy an average of 300 days of sunshine a year.

The facilities also have an artificial lighting system for parties and night trainings Which complies with the standard UNE-EN 12193 for "Lighting sports facilities".

It is composed of six luminaire support towers that provide a uniform and shadowless light so as not to hinder the vision of players, refereeing teams or spectators.